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Thank you to everyone who consciously support fair trade commerce; the entrepreneurs who partner with us to co-sponsor humanitarian efforts, the volunteers whom donated their time, talent, resources, goods with a true humanitarian relevance in the communities we serve.

Because we can make a HUGE impact on the life of others when we invest in our community we partner up with Designer Adriana Pavon who believes in the power of mindful design and consumption.

With her help, with her help and strategic partners who share values we co-create with the communities we serve, the products are manufacture on demand to assure our production process are carefully executed to warranty quality, we want to share a mindful process of production as we respect the environment so we ship once a month to reduce the carbon footprint. provides us the opportunity to thank our donors with mindful gifts and continue to support our efforts.

This year we focus on our regular programing via of  and other activities with @AdrianaDiscoversMexico and with Mexico Culture & Pride continues with eco friendly housing and STEAM programs. 

Thank you Maestro Oscar for creating the initiative to promote, preserve and encourage the practice of out native languages.

Meet some of the people who play a big role on delivering education, medical help, emotional help and kids workshops. With your solidarity 40 tons of humanitarian help were delivered to the Zapotec, Mixe and Mixteco communities.  

*List of names below. 

Join us to continue our efforts to bring dignified housing and education to deserving families. 

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  • Gricelda Mata and  

  • Nancy Quero 

  • Eric Bouwens 

  • Rufino Romero  

  • Elianne Venice 

  • Dora Perez 

  • Hector Aceves

  • Silvia Gonzales 

  • Dora Herrera

  • Enid Guttram 

  • Abif Guerrero 

  • Jacobo&Maria Angeles

  • Marina Guzman

  • Raul Martinez Meneses

  • Diego Flores

  • Calderon Maria

  • Derechos Humanos Oax

  • Fernanda Maria Gonzalez

  • Cristina Cardoso

  • Magdalena 

  • Emma

  • Daniel Camposcantos

  • Oswaldo Perez Cabrera

  • Beatriz the artist

  • Denise Soler Cox

  • Carmina Cortez

  • Ernie Gritzewsky

  • Elena Hannan

  • Nathan Clark and Family

  • Guadalupe Quero

  • Angelica Perez -Litwin

  • Jordi Carbonell

  • Arturo Rodriguez Ortiz

  • La Calera

  • Jerry 

  • Fatima Martinez

  • Nancy Crespo

  • Unidos por Mexico 

  • Julio Robles

  • Luis

  • Luz de la Luna

  • Olivia Vela

  • Jesus Arturo Cruz

  • Juanjo Lopez 

  • Brenda Garcia

  • NBC Latino 

  • Good Magazine

  • Judith Hermanez

  • Francisco Pavon

  • Mariana Vela

  • Ing, Jesus Luis


  • Maximiliano Ceballos

  • Janie Flores

  • Victor Raul Ruiz Ruiz

  • Cosmo Latina

  • Latinas Think Big network

  • Huffington Post 

  • Al Ritmo del Arte Radio

  • Stanford Radio

  • Isa Jubes

  • Byrdie Franco

  • La Mejor Grand Rapids Radio

  • Sandra Guzman

  • Juanjo Lopez

  • Diana Barcenas

  • Ines Lara

  • Raquel Villareal

  • "El Capi" 

  • Gaby and Sara Garcia

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