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"Biodiversity in my community" is a project aim to promote multicultural education for kid by kids as they lead us in a personal tour of the biodiversity of their indigenous communities.

Mexico is part of the 10 most megadiverse countries in the world.


Megadivers countries are a group of nations that accumulate in their territories the greatest number of plant and animal individuals on the planet. These sites arte considered extremely biodiverse because, although they only represent the 10% of the earth's surface, they are home to 70% of all being recognized to date.

Mexico is not only part of this exclusive list, but it is also the fifth most megadiverse place in the world. The richness of this country is so vast that it is estimated that 12% of the known species on Earth live there. 

The project aims to create 1,000 books that can be distributed across Mexico and the USA as a way to create a bridge of  knowledge between our communities.

 Inspired by Profesor Oscar Martinez's trajectory and commitment as well as  Max Ceballos' to teaching in a human centric approach, getting kids close to nature, art and mindfulness during the global shutdown, we begin this journey with the help of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and generous donors like Rosy Arroyo who donated the initial computers.  The pilot project aims to promote the positive use and accessibility to today's technology, providing the kids to opportunity to  share the biodiversity of their community with others and co-create augmented reality books bringing the local characters alive for the readers to learn about our rich culture while providing STEAM education for the youth and a tools to preserve their language making a trilingual book , Ayuuk - Spanish - English to be share with classrooms who promote authentic learning experiences. 

Joining Oscar and Adriana is Gabriela Zavala and partner as well as Biologist Eli Garcia Padilla who's work expands over decades. We want to provide access to the knowledge as commonwealth for future generations. You get to get a first edition augmented reality biodiversity book as a THANK YOU for helping us achieve the goal of the program.  

Below are images of the region and previous work including the previously released editions of trilingual books by maestro Oscar Martinez Hernandez with a run of 2,000 prints.

        "El lujo de ser mexicano esta en nuestra cultura, lengua, gastronomía, su gente y las tradiciones vivas".

Our Goal

 This holiday season, join us in embracing "the power of community" and support indigenous children light the way for these invaluable knowledge of their communities and the biodiversity of México. Your generosity has the potential to change perspectives, preserve cultures, and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Your support is the key to unlocking their potential and preserving the cultural and biodiversity heritage.

Become part of the mission to support the opportunity to learn from our  indigenous children in México through a combination of appreciation of biodiversity, STEAM education and language preservation facilitated by the creation of augmented reality with trilingual books in the Ayuuk language, English, and Spanish.Our goal is to provide thousands  printed copies of the books to be distributed in schools across México and the USA .

At the heart of this initiative, the kids are supported by a dedicated team of professionals in Oaxaca working to nurture the bright minds of the Sierra Mixe community while safeguarding the  rich heritage, language, and biodiversity. Guided by their unwavering commitment, Oscar Martinez leads the way as the managing professional, Gabriela Zavala & Eli Garcia stand as the supporting professor, and Adriana Pavon tirelessly manages the project, ensuring its success. Together, they weave a tapestry of hope and opportunity for the future generations of this remarkable community.


Thanks to the generous contributions of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the kindness of Rosy Arroyo, computers have been donated to fuel the fires of curiosity and knowledge. Our mission is to continue to create a bridge through  STEAM education, empowering these young minds to share their heritage and explore new horizons and unlock their full potential. 







"The power of community " is an invitation to create a lasting legacy. We invite you to support the voices of the indigenous children, forging a brighter path forward to better understand our communities and the cultural biodiversity.

Your generosity will not go unnoticed, for it comes with its own set of rewards:

  • A donation of $80 USD will get you a handbag made with textiles of the region by Spring 2024

  • An investment of $150 will present you with a first edition of the book, a token of gratitude for your invaluable support by Fall 2024.

  • With a contribution of $ 250 USD, you will be invited to a Chef's table dinner in  Los Angeles where you can savor the flavors of culture and community and get a copy of the book late 202

  • Your generous donation of $1,000 will provide the opportunity to be personally invited to experience the beauty  of the Sierra Mixe community during a weekend in Oaxaca, Mexico. There, you will meet the children whose lives you've touched and witness the profound impact of your support.


Meet The Team

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