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Our commerce and design platform generates community strengthening human, social, economic and cultural ties. Mexico Cultura y Orgullo was founded to celebrate  the people , culture, biodiversity and creativity MÉXICO has to offer. Since our inception from researching textiles we grown expand our causes and help those who need our help in education, sustainable living, commerce and the arts. Every project is a contribution toward making our world a better place.

The MCO space was created where indigenous communities can move forward by towards human investment, financial justice and social change,The MCO is is conveniently located in front of Centro de Arte de San Agustin Etla  , Oaxaca :

Creating space for guest to collaborate with natives under the following initiatives

Our projects create exchanges that foster cultural awareness, language skills and create inclusive solutions for the complex and exciting challenges of the future based on values for sustainable strategic development as defined by the UN with the help of strategic partners.

This platform seeks to open channels to different agents of change that are willing to generate community from exchange of knowledge with the goal of strengthening human, social, economic and cultural ties.The people who supports fair trade; the entrepreneurs that partner with us to co-sponsor humanitarian efforts, the volunteers who donate their time to visit the diverse locals make a real human and cultural relevance in the communities we serve.

This year we are building eco-friendly housing for deserving family in San Agustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico.

As part of our efforts to bring quality education and financial justice to the communities we serve we are joining the efforts of Oscar Martinez to continue language education via STEAM for 5 communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. If you are a professor of STEAM feel free to reach out and join our efforts.


The work is a community effort, select your interest and apply to visit, get involved !

"El lujo de ser mexicano esta en nuestra cultura, textiles, gastronomía, su gente y las tradiciones vivas"

In 2024  are working on  2 special projects are our main focus one is eco-friendly housing and the second is growing the STEAM programs to 100 kids.





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