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 Together we have over a century of combined experience setting trends and working with clients such as Project Runway Latin America, Mexico’s Next Top Model, Chrysler, Henry Ford Hostpital, and top brands you already purchase today. 


We believe in dignified work supporting indigenous groups and fair trade commerce as necessary for the survival of our traditions.


You can find Monserrat Jiménez  knitbombing Mexico City in her spare time when she is not reproducing Adriana's vision into graphic designs.


Adriana Pavón has backpacked for  six months crossing the Equator in a three mast schooner, and swam off the beaches of the Galapagos Islands; she enjoys the beauty that new knowledge brings through diversity and new friendships.   


 Francisco Pavón is an avid urban cyclist,  enjoys art, and loves to capture  the festive and natural moments with his camera, he also founded FERNIENTE Magazine.

Federico & Maximilian

The creative dúo of Federico Laboureau y Maximilian Pizzi are fun and energetic; they manage to make their life and work partnership flow seamlessly while bringing the best creative solutions to each project.  


 Alberto Romero or "Beto" as we affectionally call him has an 'A" type personality, a tatoo, and plans to attend the 99U conference in NYC.


Mauricio Heredia Melo has a witty and sarcastic sense of humor and you can depend on him to make you laugh;  he curently was "imported" to Detroit for his mad skills in textile design, one of his many talents.

 Thank you Enrique Caldera who occasionally steps in and helps us with video.

Xavier Amayo studied mixology in New York City where he worked for many years before deciding to return to Mexico; he currently heads one of the top ten bars in the world, Mezcaleria

"Los Amantes" in Oaxaca.


 Rolando Vieyra is interested in poetry; while working for various print and digital magazines he  enjoys asking tough questions to artistic personalities.



Graves has worked in the private and public sector; he enjoys volunteering,  and sits on the board of Detroit's social media club.  When he is not working he spends his time with his family and his rescued boxer.


Mike Lamentola  often spends  his time outdoors ejoying his kids and wife and he produces a podcast  with his cousin. The "Mike and the Beard" podcast talks about life, innovation, music, art and  marketing.


Asia Willis enjoys the beach and relaxing afternoons by the pool when she is not busy working the red carpets of Hollywood or national TV campaigns and publishing stories.

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