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A Home for Socorro!

Mexico, Cultura y Orgullo (MCO) warmly invites you to participate in the "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes" project, a heartfelt initiative dedicated to providing appreciation for the unsung heroes; this time by providing a sustainable home for Socorro Ruiz, a single mother who  supported other Mexicans through the earthquake and a global shutdown, by volunteering her time, knowledge and love to make sure Mexicans were cared and supported for during difficult times. Thanks to Socorro's dedication and  support, as a team we were able to provide shelter and food to over 68 volunteers, provide 40 tons of emergency relief and reignite the economy for 300 families during the earthquake that stoke México in 2017 and secure income for over 250 families without income during the global shutdown. Everyone who's known Socorro knows she is full of love, enthusiasm and support for the  community, it's her time to get the  appreciation she deserves.  


 Join us to thank Socorros commitment  through MCO’s  mission for dignified sustainable housing, when you support her to get one step closer your $100 (USD) donation will not only help to make sure she is rewarded for her dedication but also we’ll reward you with a pair of exquisitely crafted artisan shoes from Oaxaca.

 The investment is not just about a dignified home;  as many of our projects we try to create a win win for for our collaborators, besides securing her family’s well being as she did for many during difficult times, its an opportunity to offer  educational opportunities for eco-friendly building  as a way to honor our ancestral architecture with Adobe. Our friends at  Sombra Mezcal and the award winning civil engineer Martha Cardoso, join us on this project that aims to revive the ancestral practices of our culture by donating the fibers,  process and guidance to execute. 



Let’s provide for Socorro and her two children a home  for the next century ! 

MCO is deeply committed to providing long-term sustainable solutions, with a focus on creating tight-knit communities that strengthen human, social, economic, and cultural bonds. These efforts are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, offering a promising and inclusive future through strategic partnerships. Our project significantly contributes to a better world, driving investments in humanity, financial equity, and social transformation. 

To purchase a pair of shoes and support the cause, visit 


MCO enthusiastically welcomes in kind donations, sponsorships and volunteers from organizations that align with our vision, mission, and purpose.

About Mexico, Cultura y Orgullo (MCO)

Mexico, Cultura y Orgullo was established in 2010 by Adriana Pavón, a social entrepreneur, clothing manufacturer, and thought leader. Its mission revolves around fostering cultural awareness among indigenous artisans in Oaxaca, combating plagiarism and cultural appropriation, and promoting sustainable development in alignment with the United Nations' objectives through strategic partnerships. MCO's initiatives have garnered recognition in prominent media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Univision, Stanford Radio, and NPR, and have received numerous awards and honors from prestigious institutions, including the Zaragoza Awards, the California Senate, and the Buena Vida Media Hispanic Heritage Awards, among others.


As many of our projects we aim to create community and practical education, we welcome volunteer groups on a 3 day commitment for hands on opportunities to learn how to build sustainable housing. Feel free to reach out with more informations about your group.

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