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Nuestro enfoque es el patrimonio cultural en todas sus formas, la conservación de medio ambiente en las regiones en que nos desarrollamos.Las actividades que realizamos son enfocadas en el ámbito del diseño, arte, alimentación y ecología principalmente. Construimos un aprendizaje horizontal, colaborativo y respetuoso, en el que las comunidades creativas con quienes trabajamos sean partícipes en el proceso enseñanza-aprendizaje.



Difundir la cultura mexicana a nivel internacional en formas creativas.



Vincular organizaciones e individuos que buscan el beneficio de las comunidades  para un desarrollo sostenible.  



The LAB is an annual residency program we open for socially conscious entrepreneurs, each summer visiting residents are an active part of the change, creating a bond of knowledge and exchange of ideas, generating new proposals and experimenting with design, with the goal of promoting small business of vulnerable communities to secure year round employment of  endemic people preventing migration issues.

This opportunity is excellent for entrepreneurs who want to launch green sustainable  businesses, applying sustainability,  and allowing them have a close approach to practical experience while activating  the businesses with a solidarity economy.


Do you want to learn more about previous stays and opportunities this year?



The HUB is an inclusive artistic center where space for exhibition, diffusion and bonding is provided in Oaxaca, Mexico at an accessible rates for Mexican talent where the main focus is to showcase artistic, ecological and gastronomy in order to share, promote and preserve our talent .


We offer artistic exhibition, work and residence space per month for the development of projects: Art- Design, Gastronomy, Education, Music

The HUB gallery is also open to international artists who have been inspired by the Mexican culture under a fair and respectful point of view of the culture and its people at affordable cost.



Mexican PRO represents Mexican talent with an audience that appreciates and values their work under a fair wages and cultural relevant events and  platforms  under the following categories: Art- Design, Gastronomy, Education, Music.

   Previous alliances have resulted in special

  •  Collections for coffee shops with ceramist of the region with exclusive designs for the clients brand.

  • Awards made for a gastronomic event.

  • Special color palette of organic fabrics.

  • Custom bedding with organic wool.

  • Special pottery design for garden collections.

  • Specialty dinners with award winning chefs for a crowd of 300 guest.

to name a few alliances.

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