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Experiential Learning :: Entrepreneurship :: Social Responsibility

MEXICO: CULTURE AND PRIDE is a community of artists and locals creating  interdisciplinary contemporary work. Our projects create exchanges that foster cultural awareness, language skills and create inclusive solutions for the complex and exciting challenges of the future embracing the ancestral values for sustainable strategic development and suggestions shared by the UN with the help of binational strategic partners. 

 "Mexico Cultura y Orgullo" was founded to celebrate new knowledge and ancestral talent of Mexicans across the county committed to the conservation, protection and promotion of our cultural heritage.

The journey of exploring México through the eyes of our host, visiting diverse regions since its inception 8 years ago, we pride ourselves on creating strong relationships between the locals and visitors. The project has grown to alliance with a  physical space for MCO  to foster the  human investment, financial justice and sustainable initiatives the space in Oaxaca Mexico

San Agustin Etla, our sister company as born as a way to link buyers and producers, allowing us to work on STEAM, the arts, community activities focusing on process and products for sustainable living

The initiatives founded been featured in the Huffington Post, Univision, Stanford Radio, NPR to name a few and our initiatives been awarded Humanitarian awards such as the Zaragoza awards and the California Senate. 

Conservar las raíces de mi raza es un deber!

Difundir la cultura mexicana & nuestros valores a nivel internacional en formas creativas.​

Promote the Mexican culture & values  internationally in creative ways. 

Vincular organizaciones e individuos que comparten vision de sustentabilidad, educación continua, aprendizaje experiencial y apreciación del arte, moda y gastronomía .


                         MISIÓN                                                              VISIÓN

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