MEXICO: CULTURE AND PRIDE is a community of artists and locals creating  interdisciplinary contemporary work, committed to the conservation, protection and promotion of our cultural heritage are the base for all the work and experiences we develop.

Our projects create cultural exchanges that build cultural competence,language skills and create inclusive solutions for the future’s complex and exciting challenges with the help of strategic local partners.

Mexico is a multicultural country that knows how to preserve its ancient rituals and, in turn, add different meanings and traditions of various peoples and cultures that live amongst us. MCP supports the talents of promising visionaries  throughout a biannual program where participants work problem solving challenges of utility, sustainability and adaptability by creating solutions for underserve communities generating glocal impact.

In the period of 8 months   (April 2019-October 2019 ) the project will lead us to 8 cities where we been invited to visit  kicks off a national campaign to what will provide an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to participate in a summer mentorship of a curated initiative as a way to empower independent business introducing  international products and cultural exchanges reinvigorating the excitement about the “Bien hecho".

Proceeds of your purchase and 100% of donations will help preserve the culture through continuing education, events, and equipment for the Mexican indigenous communities!


¡Conservar las raíces de mi raza es un deber!
(The preservation of my culture's roots is a must!)